The Pigs

We raise Berkshire pigs in the woods eating acorns, roots, and fed a non-GMO verified feed. They are a hardy heritage breed. Berkshires marble well so the meat is naturally flavorful and juicy with exceptional texture and premium taste. They are the Kobe beef of Pork.

The Cattle

Our steers are Angus and are grass fed, finished on organic alfalfa and non-GMO barley. They have excellent marbling, flavor, and tenderness.

The Sheep

We raise Katahdin sheep, they produce quality lean meat and have a lovely mild flavor. They are 100% grass fed and finished on quality organic Alfalfa.

The Laying Chickens

We raise a variety of chicken breeds, Dominique, Sapphire Olive Eggers, Australorps, and Black Copper Marans. They free range across our property and have free access to a non-GMO verified 5 way scratch feed.


All of our animals are treated humanely from birth to slaughter and processed in a low stress USDA inspected facility. We provide exceptional care and quality of life for all our animals every single day. Happy = Healthy! Our animals are never treated with growth hormones or antibiotics unless necessary for proper care. If they are treated they will not go into our meat program.

Happy PigSheep