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about our family

Howdy! We are the Strattons. Travis and I (Carson) live in north Georgia with our five children from three - nine years old. We both grew up taking care of animals while learning life lessons along the way and we want the same for our children. We believe in eating a wholesome diet and knowing how our food was fed and cared for. We want to do our best to nourish our bodies. Here at One Mile Farms, we are GMO-free + organic and raise our animals ethically. We love what we do and we thank you for supporting us. <3

  • Pork

    Raised in the woods eating acorns, roots, and fed a non-GMO verified feed.

  • Beef

    Grass fed and finished with organic alfalfa and non-GMO barley.

  • Lamb

    Grass fed and finished with organic alfalfa.

  • Eggs

    Chickens are free range, pastured raised and have access to a non-GMO verified 5 way scratch feed.